Management Optional courses offered for CSE 2018:

Online Live Classes:

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Test Series:

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Study Material: Full syllabus booklet hard/soft copy

Fee for full syllabus –  Rs.49,000

This includes, classroom coaching (online video lectures) + Test Series (All test papers plus correction of 4 answer sheets) + Study Material+ Solutions to CSE Previous Years Papers (including online discussion sessions) + One free revision of full syllabus

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Module 1: Management Classroom Program

Quantitative Techniques in Decision Making (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 10,000
Production and Operations Management (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 10,000
Financial Management (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 6,000
Government Business Interface + International Business (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 6,000
Managerial Function (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 4,000
Organisational Behaviour and Design (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 4,000
Human Resource Management (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 4,000
Accounting for Managers (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 4,000
Marketing Management (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 4,000
Management Information System (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 4,000
Strategic Management (Including Study Material plus Tests) Rs. 4,000


Management Paper 1: Rs, 25,000

Management Paper 2: Rs, 28,000

Module 2: Management Test Series – Rs. 12,000

Download Management test series schedule CSE 2018

Module 3: Management Course Material (booklets hard/soft copy)- Rs. 10,000

Module 4: Essay Preparation – Rs. 5,000