Q) Why Management Optional?
A) As per data released by UPSC in reply to an RTI, Management has been one of the best performing optionals in CSE exam, second only to Medical Science. It can be a good choice for an individual with a basic understanding of the subject looking to score well.

Q) Isn’t the syllabus too vast?
A) Management as a subject is really vast. Individual topics like Financial Management and Accounting Management are subjects in itself. But UPSC does not require deep knowledge of these subjects. If one can stick to the syllabus then the subject is ‘well manageable’ in a short span of time.

Q) Isn’t it too competitive with graduates from top B-Schools taking it up?
A) As per the past year trends there has been great diversity of educational background in the candidates selected for UPSC through management. The optional demands hold of certain topics in such a way that everyone can score well.

Q) For how long www.rostrumprep.com is providing guidance for Management Optional (CSE), and other examinations.

A) We are providing guidance since March 2015. And we provide virtual classes, Test Series and Study Material

Q) Is there a Group provided by us to connect all the Management Optional students

A) Yes, we provide access to the Google Group (Solutions to Previous Years Papers of CSE are available on it). The access is free to all the enrolled aspirants

Q) Our results

A) Refer RESULTS section of this website

Q) Is there a provision of Sample Class or Sample Notes

A) Yes, you can contact us for that

Q) Is there any scholarship available
A) Yes, there is a provision of scholarship for Meritorious students and financially weaker sections